Third Party Risk Management
This module is designed to enable a smooth management of your Third Parties, including documentation of Third Party Risk Assessment and Outsourcing risk assessment functionalities

80 / month

Modules in package
Third Party Outsourcing risk assessment Task System
Incident Management
This module can be used like a ticketing system to register events arising in your organization such as Operational Risk events, information security incidents, Cyber security events, Data Quality issues

70 / month

Modules in package
Incident Task System
Risk & control
These modules allow you to set up your Risk Register using Grace Connect GRC Suite, it is aligned with a typical risk management cycle to identify, measure, mitigate, and report on risks that may impact the overall Risk Profile of your organization

100 / month

Modules in package
Risk Mitigation Task System Process
Audit Management
The audit management of Grace Connect GRC Suite allows you to monitor efficiently audit findings and ensure that the delivery of requested measures is done in a timely manner

90 / month

Modules in package
Audit Report Audit Finding Task System
Policy Management
The Policy Framework module of Grace Connect GRC Suite is designed as a centralized repository for your Policies and Procedures, stored in one single location

30 / month

Modules in package
Policy Task System
Cyber Security
Cyber Security modules are aimed at providing a monitoring tool for Cyber Security threats faced by your organization. Furthermore, there is a dedicated module to store your pen-test reports allowing an efficient monitoring of remediation actions required to close identified vulnerabilities

120 / month

Modules in package
Threat Radar Pen Testing Pentest Finding Task System InfoSec CIA
Business resilience
Business resilience modules are articulated around Business Continuity Management functionalities designed to support the roll out of BCM Business Impact Analysis (BIA) or System (BIA) or to document ex-post reporting following occurrence of a crisis

90 / month

Modules in package
BCM BI assessment Task System BIA System Crisis Reporting BCM Quick Cards BCM Quick Cards Stakeholder
Data Breach
This module is aimed at documenting your data breaches, it is built in line with standard severity assessment methodology provided by ENISA. It also allows to monitor the execution of remediation actions requested to close a data breach

70 / month

Modules in package
Data breach Task System
This module allows you to document incoming complaints from your client, prudential authorities, sales channel, etc. Graphs and indicators are designed to draw your attention on complaints requiring swift actions

25 / month

Modules in package
Complaint Task
Data protection
This set of modules include detailed forms to collect information on your Registry of Processing activities and Data Privacy Impact Assessment (in option, you can select the Third Party module, in case you have external joint data processors)

230 / month

Modules in package
ROPA Data Protection Impact Assessment Task System Legitimate Interests Assessment Incoming requests Privacy Impact Assessment Privacy Impact Assessment

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